PCF 3 faces of Mick Foley

For the 2016 PCF spring reign.

The PolarisKind tunic - White cotton with a Black cotton tie. Custom Leather Mask.

The Polaris Jack Tunic - Black cotton with Yellow cotton edging. Red Applique Polaris phoenix facing opposite. Because hes a little crazy. Black Embroidered Lettering "Wanted for Kingdom --- Polaris".

The Dude Polaris Tunic - Tie Dye lined Cotton fabric. Red applique Polaris phoenix facing opposite. Again because hes a different kind of guy. Red Embroidered lettering "Dude --- Poalris".

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6 years 7 months ago

Rising Winds Tunic

This is a tunic. The emblem is Denny Demowski (Kaads) rendition of the Rising Winds Phoenix. It was created as a joke as part, the RW is known for trolling even itself. This is my creation, in support of the people of the RW which I love so much. My skull that I use is on the sleeve (not pictured) and on the back is NJ4L RW which stands for "nerd jock for life rising winds"

I was told this belongs here so here it is, hope you enjoy it

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7 years 4 months ago