PCF 3 faces of Mick Foley

Item Description: 

For the 2016 PCF spring reign.

The PolarisKind tunic - White cotton with a Black cotton tie. Custom Leather Mask.

The Polaris Jack Tunic - Black cotton with Yellow cotton edging. Red Applique Polaris phoenix facing opposite. Because hes a little crazy. Black Embroidered Lettering "Wanted for Kingdom --- Polaris".

The Dude Polaris Tunic - Tie Dye lined Cotton fabric. Red applique Polaris phoenix facing opposite. Again because hes a different kind of guy. Red Embroidered lettering "Dude --- Poalris".

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Item Use Notes: 

I was very new to Applique and messed up the phoenix's and put them on backwards. On the Polaris Jack tunic I had originally put a black phoenix on it. Instead of unstitching it I just went over it with a red one. This was my 2nd attempt at using my embroidery machine

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Acquired Date: 
Saturday, January 9, 2016
Creation Date: 
Saturday, January 9, 2016
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Distribution Notes: 

Polaris Kind given to Beardly of Crimson Circle, Polaris
Dude Polaris given to Fahrouk of Crimson Circle, Polaris
Polaris Jack given to Lord Akyo of Crimson Circle, Polaris

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Where these used in a quest, or in court, or just to run around the field?