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CK Alien heraldry

Image that was printed on t-shirts as a kingdom fundraiser. Image is the Celestial Kingdoms Heraldry, with the dragon reimaged as an alien.

Text states "Celestial Kingdoms Beware! Here there be monsters!" in yellow followed by a shield shape of yellow with a star, moon, star design at the top, and a curved alien at the bottom. with the words "Reign 47" at the bottom

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8 years 7 months ago

Wetlands Election stencil

Clear plexiglass laser cut with an image of a miter above water and a skull and crossbones above water, to be used as a stencil. The originals were listed with the reign number "XXXVIII" but this was corrected to "XXXIX"

The miter represents O'Banion and the skull and crossbones represent Furball.

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7 years 2 months ago