Winters Edge Wild Hunt Coin

Item Description: 

A wooden nickle disk with an image of a deer skull under the number 1, under a crescent shape with a circle in it. Image was laser etched into the disk, leaving it a darker shade of brown. Reverse is blank. Image is slightly offset.

Item Type: 
Item Use: 
Item Use Notes: 

Used at a Winters Edge regional Event, Wild Hunt, to purchase life's or items from merchants.

There were 3 types of coins at the event: 1, 5, 20.

Original Owner: 
Current Owner: 
Acquired Date: 
Friday, May 27, 2016
Creation Date: 
Sunday, May 1, 2016
Item Creation Notes: 

laser etched

Event Distributed: 
Distributing State or Province: 
Distributing Country: 
Distribution Notes: 

Everyone was given a 5 piece when starting the game. You earned 2-1 pieces for each life token you turned in. Other items and quests earned you more for harder feats.

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